The innovative Hawa Frontfold 30 makes an optimal solution for every façade.

With Forslide, Inslide and Mixslide designs, inwards and outwards-folding shutters, in even or odd leaf numbers. As such, it not only offers the widest systems (up to 12 m), but also the widest selection. And impressive comfort: Thanks to high-quality UV-resistant plastic rollers with friction bearings, shutters up to 30 kg can be pushed and folded with one hand. For years and years: Tests and certificates attest to the Hawa Frontfold's exceptionally high durability, wind resistance and corrosion resistance. Yet hardly any of these many advantages are visible. Since the hinges are invisible from the outside, gap sizes can be reduced to 1 mm and, with the Forslide version, the tracks even disappear behind the closed leaves.


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